SKYY, the Brooklyn-based R&B/Funk band emerged from the vibrant New York City music scene in 1977. As the last band to come out of the Brooklyn funk camp, which included Brass Construction, BT Express and Crown Heights Affair, SKYY’s sound was an eclectic mix of sweeping funk beats, dance-oriented rhythms, and gentle, soul-stirring ballads. The band released 10 albums through three decades, consistently delivering its unique brand of disco, R&B and funk.  SKYY’S current lineup includes seven of its eight original members:  Solomon Roberts, Jr., (guitar), Gerald Lebon (bass), Larry Greenberg (keyboards), and Anibal “Booche” Sierra (lead guitar).  Sisters Denise, Dolores and Bonné Dunning round out the original band members joining the lineup, lending further authenticity to the signature sound that sets the band apart from other groups of the eighties.  After SKYY’s last album in 1993, the sisters continued the band’s musical legacy performing as Ladies of SKYY.

SKYY was able to transition from the late ‘70’s disco soul sound to the synth and drum machine technology of the ‘80’s, and into the slicker ‘90’s contemporary R&B stylings without losing their audience appeal.  Their super tight, funky smash #1 R&B hit “Call Me,” written by co-producer Randy Muller, led their fourth album, “Skyy Line” to the pinnacle of the Billboard R&B album charts. “Call Me,” was the opening song in the hit film “Beauty Shop,” and continues to captivate its listeners since its release in 1981.  SKYY scored two more hits in 1989 with the release of their “comeback” album, “Start of a Romance.” That album featured two #1 R&B singles, the title dance-track, “Start of a Romance,” written by the band’s drummer, Tommy McConnell, and the sultry ballad, “Real Love,” written by co-producer and band leader, Solomon Roberts, Jr.  SKYY rounded out the ‘90’s with top-20 hit “Up and Over-Stronger Better,” from their tenth album “Nearer To You.”

SKYY’S other top-20 hits include “First Time Around,” “High,” “Here’s To You,” “Let’s Celebrate,” “Up and Over,” “Givin’ It To You,” and the sweet, soulful ballad “When You Touch Me,” the third release from the “Skyy Line” album.  Two re-releases of that album, one by BBR Records in 2013 and the second by Salsoul Records in 2023, underscore the popularity of SKYY’s music.  The 2023 release is a limited-edition purple fog vinyl album, digitally remastered.  These re-releases give further credence to the popularity of SKYY and the band’s solid reputation as a talented group of musicians.

It was the passing of SKYY’s drummer, Tommy McConnell, in 2022, that prompted the remaining members to reunite for the first time since 1993 at Tommy’s Celebration of Life service.  That reunion reignited a fire for the band members, and in 2023 the band officially reunited for concerts in New York, NY and Paris, France.  After a 30-year hiatus the full complement of the members of the band are back and SKYY is now writing yet another chapter in their epic tale.