The Brothers Johnson

The Brothers Johnson – George and Louis - exploded out of the L.A. music scene landing in Billy Preston’s God Squad; and then came to the attention of star-maker, Quincy Jones. “Q” is quoted, “I knew that I had found something extremely special and couldn’t wait to get into the studio and create some hits with these boys on my ‘Mellow Madness’ album.” After featuring in Jones’ LP on A&M, they also signed with the label.  

True to his own growing legend, Jones produced their first album in 1976, and the Brothers delivered a Multi-Platinum #1 R&B/Top 5 Jazz/Top 10 Billboard 200 album. Appropriately titled “Look Out For #1”, the Brothers took top props with “I’ll Be Good To You”, a #1 Smash Hit. “Get The Funk Out Ma Face” singled next, and rose to #4 R&B, solidifying their hold on the charts as the sophisticated funksters who could not be out gunned. It was lightening George & thunder Louis, with George’s silky vocals crossing over from R&B to Pop, while delivering Disco, Electronica, Jazz and Dance touching broad demographics in all directions.

The sophomore album, “Right On Time” sold Platinum and charted at #2 R&B/Top 5 Jazz/Top 10 Billboard 200, again with Q at the console. LP2 sported another #1 Hit Single, the iconic “Strawberry Letter 23.” Even though they just barely missed #1 album status, they made up for it with a GRAMMY for Best R&B Instrumental titled, “Q”, honoring their you-know-who mentor.

In 1978, their third Quincy LP, “Blam!” again charted #1 R&B/Top 10 Billboard 200. The album sold Platinum

Plus, due to their huge crossover appeal, even though the LP’s best single, “Ain’t We Funkin’ Now” only went Top 40.  Bounding back to #1 in more ways than one, The Brothers Johnson showed real staying power in 1979, dropping yet another #1 R&B/Top 10 Billboard monster crossover album, “Light Up The Night.”   Bouncing, as well, yet another #1 Hit Single, “Stomp,”  the brothers added legendary luster to their chart topping mystique by piling on a total of three #1 singles and three #1 albums.

By the 1980’s they were in solid demand in the studio with the likes of Michael Jackson, George Benson,Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, Herb Alpert, Chaka Kahn, Paul McCartney, Donna Summer, Bobby Womack, and countless others.  Performing on many ground breaking records with such illustrious household names, their heat seeker focus on their own albums softened. Their last three albums, “Winners”, “Blast!”, and “Out of Control,”were respectable Top 10 and Top 20 albums delivering Top 20 hits like “The Real Thing”, “Welcome To The Club” and “Keep You Coming Back.”  Their 7 album run was the envy of all purveyors funk.

Along the way, they grew a huge, diverse following for their to-die-for high-energy show - entertainers not to be missed! A Spectacular, Party Band, “Bros J” burned up stages far and wide - with George fronting the band on lead vocals and lightening-licks guitar, while thunder thumbs Louis was holding down the groove on bass.  Over time, George and Louis moved on toward studio, solo, and other projects. Occasionally, they would reunite to much fanfare and fun, showing the band still ‘had it!”  Recently George began bringing the band back to the fore, but in 2015 Louis passed, RIP.   Still the fans wanted the funk, the silky voice, and yes, they want lightening licks to strike again and again! After a prayer-filled pause, George added a couple of Quincy Jones “A List” bass protégés, to the family band to pick and choose from, and fired up the show.   Now George carries the Brand forward fronting a solid 10-piece brigade; with many members now alumni for up to 20 years! Celebrating the songs, the life, the legacy, and good times! It’s Time to Party!! Time to Get Your Funk On!! The Spectacle is true to the Name, true to the Game! Let’s Dance All Night, ‘cause “WE FUNKIN’ NOW!”