Seating Procedures

Guests who require special assistance to enter The World Stage theater should click here for details on our SAFE seating program.


Every guest will have the opportunity to see a nightly show based upon the designated show time (blue for early show and gold for late show).


To ensure that the entry and seating procedure is both fair and easy, we have adopted the following policies and procedures:

  • You must present your Stateroom Key Card to the ushers at the entrance in order to enter The World Stage theater for the appropriate show time.
  • There are four entrances to The World Stage theater, two on Deck 2 and two on Deck 3. No other entrance is available for guests.
  • Doors will open for each show approximately 30 minutes before scheduled show time.
  • Guests who interfere with the fair and safe entry into The World Stage may risk forfeiting their rights to attend that show or other shows. Our goal is to provide the best entertainment experience for all of our guests, and we request that you treat all guests and staff with respect. Any behavior that disrupts the enjoyment of other guests will result in removal from the show by security staff.
  • The taking of flash photos and the recording of the shows violates our contracts with the performers. Since it is impossible to easily discern what type of equipment can record, no electronic equipment of any kind will be allowed in the theater during shows.

Lido Pool, Lincoln Center Stage, Ocean Bar, Crow’s Nest, Billboard Onboard and Rolling Stone Lounge Performances

We will have entertainment all over the ship using these venues in addition to The World Stage.

Lido Pool, Lincoln Center Stage, Ocean Bar, Crow’s Nest, Billboard Onboard and Rolling Stone Lounge Policies and Procedures

You will not need to present your Stateroom Key Card at the entrance to these venues. These shows are first-come, first-served general admission shows.