Wilbert Hart formerly of The Delfonics

Wilbert Wil Hart is a pioneering co-founding member of the legendary Delfonics.  Wil was instrumental in the development of the styling and branding of the Delfonics and what is widely known as “The sound of Sexy Soul”.

Original group members were; William Hart, Wilbert Hart, Frederick Johnson, Ritchie Daniels, and Randy Cain. Their first recording was for Moon Shot in 1967. Daniels was drafted and left for the service in 1968. Johnson left the group just before the group’s first release leaving Wilbert, William and Randy who have since became known as the Delfonics.

At Cameo, producer Stan Watson introduced the group to producer Thom Bell, then working with Chubby Checker, the group's first album was released on Watson's own Philly Groove record label.  The first of many smash hits for the Delfonics was "La-La (Means I Love You)" in 1968. Four more Bell-produced albums appeared in the next few years: The Sexy Sound of Soul, The Delfonics Super Hits, The Delfonics and Tell Me This Is a Dream. Among the Delfonics' popular hits were the Grammy-winning "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)", "(For The Love) I Gave To You", "Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide from Love)", and "Hey Love". Wilbert Hart’s smooth baritone led the group’s one and only Grammy Award winning song “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time”.  The group won a Grammy in 1970 for Best R&B Performance by a group or duo.  Wil also personally penned the song “Hey Love” which was a maga-hit for the Delfonics.

Prior to the release of "La-La (Means I Love You)", they had a hit with "He Don't Really Love You" on the small Moonshot record label in 1966. For the smooth sounds that have made the Delfonics who they are, The Delfonics, Wil Hart was responsible for writing, producing, arranging, singing lead and background on every one of the groups successful recordings and albums. Wil’s history as an original and co-founder of the Delfonics has guided him in forming his current line up, “The Delfonics, Wil Hart”.  Wil’s demand for perfect harmony, musical direction and stage performance results in one of the best performances you will ever see. His over 40 years of experience in the music industry has also inspired Wilbert Hart’s creation of his very own recording company, In the Game Entertainment (ITG).

Currently Wil Hart is writing producing, recording, and publishing for Wil Hart of the original Delfonics and the up and coming Hip Hop sensation, The Next Chapter.  Many new releases are available on ITunes and other online outlets for music downloads.  In 2012 Wil signed a publishing deal with Reservoir Media and has been working on new leases and product placements since that time.  Recent placements for Wil Hart of the Delfonics music can be found in major movie productions, television commercials and on many new artists recording both through samples and through remakes.