From Michigan and Ohio, SWITCH originally consisted of Founder, Gregory Williams (trumpet/keyboards/lead vocals), Bobby DeBarge (lead vocals/ keyboards/drums), Phillip Ingram (lead vocals/percussion/keyboards), Tommy DeBarge (bass/vocals/keyboards), Eddie Fluellen (trombone/ keyboards/vocals) and Jody Sims (drums/vocals). After the break-up of the RCA Records group "White Heat" (which was named and managed by the late music legend Barry White and included Jody, Gregory, and Bobby; and later Tommy), determined to chase his dreams and stay in the record business Gregory, envisioned and soon after formed SWITCH in December 1976. 

Upon obtaining a small budget, Gregory relocated each handpicked member of his new band from their individual hometowns to Mansfeild Ohio. After rehearsing, recording and completing an eight-song demo, Gregory, along with Jody flew to Los Angeles where they (within two weeks of their arrival) met Jermaine Jackson. Jackson immediately took the act to Motown Records where they were signed by Berry Gordy, Jr. and managed by his daughter and son-in-law Hazel and Jermaine Jackson.  

While at Motown, from 1977 to 1983, SWITCH recorded five albums of which two went Platinum and three went Gold, culminating more than Eight Million record sales. They scored big with four top ten singles: "There’ll Never Be", "I Call Your Name", "Best Beat In Town", and "Love Over and Over Again". 

After personnel changes, (Bobby and Tommy exited to join their family group DeBarge, and Phillip exited and joined his brother James Ingram on Quest Records), in 1983 the group SWITCH-ed from Motown to Total Experience/RCA Records, where they recorded (with new members) one album, "Am I Still Your Boyfriend" released in 1985; out of which came the UK Top 10 single "Keeping Secrets". In 1986, Gregory decided to disband the group. In 1995 SWITCH attempted a reunion but the dream suffered a major setback and came to an abrupt halt, within weeks of the death of Bobby DeBarge. 

In July 2003, Switch reunited and kicked of the reunion with a successful, well received performance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. The revived Switch features three original and two new members. Sharing the stage are lead singers Phillip Ingram (Lead vocals/keyboards), Akili Nickson (Lead vocals/percussions) and group founder/leader Gregory Williams (keyboards/vocals), Eddie Fluellen (keyboards/ trombone/vocals) and Michael McGloiry (original guitarist/vocals) who was also the featured guitarist on “There’ll Never Be” and 90% of all Switch songs.