Soul Train Cruise Artists Send You Love & Support

Staying at home doesn’t mean being alone, and our Soul Train Cruise artists have been spreading this message with love and support for everyone throughout the past few weeks. We wanted to share some of their words of strength and to bring in their light during this time of darkness. We can do this, together.

The Whispers sent us a message to personally deliver to the Soul Train Cruise family: “We are wishing everyone good health and strength during this difficult time.  Our hearts are with everyone and we know we will get through this together. May God bless you all.”

Russell Thompkins Jr of The New Stylistics called us last week to say that “If everyone tries to stay strong and do what the powers that be are telling us to do and keep our spirits up, we should get through this.”  “Music will keep us strong,” he reminded us. 

Charlie Wilson has been encouraging fans to send their photos to him to share on his Facebook page to help brighten his and everyone else’s day. He turns to music to keep his spirits lifted, writing “Music is my motivation through it all. We’re gonna get through it as long as we remember what keeps us pushing! Let's all be thankful for the blessings we have no matter the circumstances we are under. God has given us all #OneMoreDay!" (In a nod to his song with Snoop Dogg).

Patti LaBelle filmed a heartfelt video message for fans, sending her love and prayers to the world. She also posts inspirational messages on Facebook, like this one from her book, "Patti's Pearls:” “You can’t smooth out the surf but you can learn to ride the waves.”

Freddie Jackson recently went live on Facebook, opening with a message especially for the residents of New York and pledged his love and prayers.  He reminds us all that “faith conquers all” and that “we need each other now more than we’ve ever needed each other before.”  “I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy. Through these difficult times we will continue showing our best selves to each other and helping one another and that is some true brotherly and sisterly love that we all share across the world! Continue to live in peace, and blessings.”

Tavares used their talent to directly support people in need. On April 12, they participated in an online fundraiser for Red Cross.

Patti Austin quotes one of her favorite songs to help raise spirits and asked everyone to consider helping one another in a recent Facebook post: “What The World Needs Now is Love...Sweet Love. Please share with anyone who needs a little love today.  Each day we are losing people with so much wisdom. They carry stories that surely would have inspired younger generations. I know many are separated from their elders now because of the Coronavirus. I think it’s important we send love, drop off groceries or give them a call. We can even ask questions and get mentored on the things that matter the most in life. We must find a silver lining in all of this as we get through this dark time.”

We couldn’t agree more with what The Dramatics asked us to pass along to you: “Our wish is for everyone to please take good care of themselves and to turn to music whenever they need to lift their hearts and tend to their soul.”

And as only the ZAPP Band can, they posted, “Stay healthy. Stay home & Stay funky. We love you and appreciate you.”

We’re so inspired by all of these artists and everyone we hear from. We hope you’ll draw from their positive messages to remain strong and safe just as we are.