Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary with The Finest “Champagne”

That’s right, we’re bringing your favorite champagne aboard the 2023 Soul Train Cruise. Evelyn “Champagne” King has been a beloved member of our family for years, and we are truly honored that she’s returning next year to help us raise a glass to our 10th anniversary. We checked in with Evelyn recently, who told us what she loves most about the cruise and shared her very own tips for the vacation of a lifetime.

“I know people go on cruises because it’s such a great vacation, but what keeps bringing me back is the love of the fans,” Evelyn begins. “A lot of them come up to me and they talk about everything. They reminisce about times when my songs first came out or when their parents would listen to my music. I tear up all the time. Things like that are so important and are so meaningful to me.” But not all the memories are about her music. “Some people come on the cruise every year, and they say to me, ‘remember that time we stood at the buffet together, remember when you wanted those crab legs?’’’ she laughs, “because I’m always going for the crab legs. But I remember all these little things. They remember things. They tell me everything. And I just love it.”

Reminiscing is a big part of what makes the Soul Train Cruise so much fun. We love being transported back to the music, the fashion, and the vibe of the Hippest Trip at Sea 24/7. And it’s not just the concerts and the parties that take us there, it’s the people who share the journey with us. “Everyone on the cruise is there to have a good time all over again like we used to back in the day,” explains Evelyn, who is looking forward to reliving her own memories while building new ones. “I get a chance to see some of the shows, which I LOVE,” she adds, revealing that she’s just as excited about the artists on the cruise as all the other guests are. The legacy of all these artists is humbling. It means a lot for me to be around that, with so many legends that I grew up with and now get to perform with.”

Evelyn “The Fan” King goes to more than just the concerts. “I love those interviews,” she exclaims. “Those are fun. And I love meeting the artists and saying ‘thank you’ to them for making the music that they made. I get excited. I’m in awe.” And, yes, she is at the parties, too. “The outfits always surprise me - the hats and the shiny shoes and the big heels that the men even used to wear!”

She is looking forward to all of that and even more next year.  In fact, there’s something particularly special for her in store on the 2023 cruise. “My husband, Freddie Fox, played rhythm on ‘Morning’ with George Benson so we both can’t wait to see his show. And he might get a kick out of hearing Freddie’s new single, too.”

Until then, Evelyn leaves us with one last bit of advice. “Don’t leave home without your dancing shoes,” she says with a smile. “You’re going to meet a lot of people. There’s going to be a lot of food. The songs, the dancing, the sound that you heard in the clubs. When you come on the cruise it’s always fun. Just enjoy it all.”