A Letter from Your Host, Tony Cornelius

Throughout the years, our family never needed an excuse to get together, but when an important anniversary rolls around we’re drawn to each other in more powerful ways than usual. We feel a need to be together for those anniversaries that mark achievements, help us remember the road that got us here and honor those who have left the greatest impact on our lives.

In 2020, Soul Train will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its television debut, a new and exciting show that my father hoped would change the country’s view of black America. I can’t help thinking of the months leading up to August 17, 1970. Sometimes I wonder what he might have been thinking right about this time, 50 years ago, and what today’s anniversary might be. Was it the day he came up with the Soul Train name? Did he sketch out the iconic logo? Is it when he saw a need in television that was not being served? Or did the idea affect him in such a way that he had to act?

The 2019 Soul Train Cruise will be filled with so many anniversaries and anniversaries-in-the-making, but few are nearer to my heart than the one that honors 1974, 45 years after The Moments, Bloodstone, The Chi-Lites, New Birth, The Ohio Players and BT Express all appeared on Soul Train.

I look forward to celebrating the milestones with you and creating new ones. I can’t wait to see you all at the party.

Love, Peace & Soul,

Tony Cornelius