A Letter from Your Host, Tony Cornelius

To my Soul Train Cruise Family,

The past year has truly been like nothing else we have ever faced. Despite all the hardship, my heart warms when I see how resilient we all are, how we have found ways to live and to thrive against all odds by adapting to doing things differently. The love and support that come from friends and family is what gets us through the dark times and helps us to hold on tight to the good moments. 

I learned at an early age just how important it is to adapt to what life brings you. When Soul Train moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, we embraced it as a powerful change that could bring Love, Peace & Soul. We were able to grow, establishing a larger footprint, introduce the show to a larger audience and create opportunity for an even wider array of talented artists to perform. 

But along with it came endless days and nights of hard work by my father, the entire production crew and of course our dancers. We constantly confronted and overcame cynics that insisted we would never make it. We persevered and adapted to our new normal to find ourselves with a nation of fans who were excited, devoted and eager to support the big train. This inspired us to take on new challenges head on and thrive.  

As we look forward to the day we can once again hug our friends without worry and return to the comforting patterns of our previous lives, we continue to pray for the strength within us to remain strong and adjust to any bend in the road.

Wishing you Love, Peace & Soul

Tony Cornelius