Alfreda Gerald

Alfreda Gerald is vocal "Powerhouse", from Atlanta, Georgia. Known for her captivating and breathtaking performances on cruise ships, Alfreda is an international singing sensation! Showcasing an incredible wealth of stage experience, Alfreda has performed shows throughout the world, singing at some of the most important venues on earth, namely Royal Albert Hall, Madison Square Garden, Sydney Opera House, The Acropolis, and even the mighty Wembley Stadium, with Cher, Celine Dion, Sir Elton John, Whitney Houston, Yanni, and many others! Alfreda is an eclectic and diverse singer, seamlessly performing music in genres as diverse as classical, soul, pop, rock, R&B and blues. Not only does Alfreda have stunning and spell binding vocals that are powerful and emotionally expressive, but her dynamic and energetic performances are a joy to behold. She is one of those rare singers who can take a simple melody and turn it into a memorable event! Because of her sheer expressiveness and emotional approach, she truly connects with listeners on a deeper level. Audiences across the world passionately love her act, and her performance style has made her a classic favorite in the cruise ship entertainment industry. Alfreda’s music is wonderful for getting the crowd up on its feet and dancing in the aisles, or even creating emotional ballads that will tug at everyone’s heartstrings. Within Alfreda’s 10 uniquely different, custom designed shows, there is truly something for everyone, as she knows how to captivate diverse types of people. The audience will leave energized, awe- inspired and wanting more after her breathtaking performances.