Seating Procedures

One of our primary goals for the Soul Train Cruise is to establish a seating procedure that is easy to administer, is fair and allows our guests to fully enjoy all of the aspects of the cruise.

Requirements for Entry to the Main Shows

Your Holland America Identification Card (“CCIC”), which opens your cabin and allows you to charge items on the ship, is required for entry to the shows in The Showroom at Sea each night. If you are attending the first show (which means that you dine late), the background of your identification card is BLUE. If you are attending the late show (which means that you dine early), the background is ORANGE. (NOTE: Unless the Holand America ID Card issued to you upon arrival conflicts with your dining reservation, we will not be able to switch your dining times and show entries.)

Seat Selection Procedure

Once inside the venue, your seat selection procedure depends upon whether you are in the SAFE Program or General Admission Seating Program.

A. Safe Program

The only way to guarantee an accessible reserved seat is to complete the SAFE form online prior to November 30, 2017. Please complete the form by clicking the link below. 

Click here to fill out our Special Assistance Form

  • Seats: Guests participating in the SAFE program will have two seats reserved for them and their traveling companion in the Celebrity Theater.
  • Entrance: Special Assistance Guests shall enter The Showroom at Sea 5-10 minutes prior to show start time and will be escorted to their seats by a StarVista LIVE representative. Please note that the General Admission guests will be seated first, so SAFE guests can enter when the aisles have cleared.

B. General Admission Seating Program

Most guests will select their seats in The Showroom at Sea on a first come, first served basis, in accordance with the General Admission Seating Program described below.

  • Entrances:There are 4 entrances to The Showroom at Sea on the Nieuw Amsterdam for Genera Admission. They include the following entry points to The Showroom at Sea: Deck 2 Doors (Port), Deck 2 Doors (Starboard), Deck 3 Doors (Port), Deck 3 Doors (Starboard).
  • Ushers:Holland America staff will be posted at every entrance. StarVista LIVE staff will be located inside The Showroom at Sea to coordinate the seating process.
  • Doors:All General Admission doors will open 20 minutes before published show times.
  • Lining Up:Since both the General Admission and Special Assistance Guests are admitted on a first come, first served basis, it is likely that guests will line up at the various entrances in anticipation of “Doors.” Guests are asked to line up in a respectful manner and each guest may reserve one (1), and only one place in line for your traveling companion. Guests who attempt to “swell the line” at the time of Doors or otherwise interfere with the fair and safe entry into The Showroom at Sea may risk forfeiting their right to enter The Showroom at Sea for that show or other shows.