2018 Soul Train Cruise Partner

StarVista LIVE is proud to announce that Centric, the first network designed for Black Women, will again be a part of the Soul Train Cruise in 2018. The cruise will feature a number of special Centric events.

Suicide, like Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, ranks among subjects not spo- ken or acknowledged, especially in communities of color. Additionally, all three issues know no boundaries of race, class, age, gender or sexual orientation.

As a result, Mental Health care is not easily sought because of the so called stigmas attached.  Thus people suffer in silent isolation.

The Don Cornelius Foundation’s advocacy is dedicated to prevention of suicide and support for survivors who have lost loved ones to suicide. We seek to increase awareness and prevention by supporting programs creating culturally competent tools for national use. It is our desire to assist in the creation of a diverse national network of early awareness, prevention and treatment services.

In honoring the legacy and tradition of the Renaissance man, Don Cornelius’ entrepreneurial spirit, as it relates to television, music and the arts, you can be part of this effort.

You can help in our mission by joining our wine club and visiting our self-staining sites listed below:

Facebook: TheDonCorneliusFoundation
Twitter: DonCorneliusDCF
Instagram: Don_Cornelius_Foundation

We are very excited to have Eddie Levert with us again on the Soul Train Cruise 2018 starring in the very special performance Men of Soul show including songs from his new album, “Did I Make You Go Ooh.” As the lead singer of the legendary R&B group The O’Jays, Levert is back with his classic soul sound, emotional ballads and songs that are full of passion. Purchase his latest album “Did I Make You Go Ooh,” here.

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